Friday, January 22, 2010

Rat Face Lady

I'm officially high-waisted pants obsessed. Today is my second day in a row in mom-jeans, this time with an adorable cropped Minni Mouse tee and I am just absolutely trilled with the way I look.

When I said I'm obsessed with high-waisted jeans I was understating. I meant to say fiendishly infatuated. Yesterday, I finally decided to splurged at American Apparel and get myself these radtastic ankle zipper pants considering how long I've been eying them. Right now I'm in the process of breaking them in and I just can't wait to wear these babies out!


Mimi said...

yummy. love the minnimouse tee. i'm fond of anything that has disney characters on them. (;

i haven't gone to aa in about 4 months D: i'm absolutely... devastated. those pants look delish.

Andrea said...

you're amazing! now i'm wondering, could i pull off high wasted jeans? i've not tried before, but i might now...xo