Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Disco Penguin

I'd like to introduce you to my new love -- my 80's looking black and white sweater with golden zig-zag across the chest. This sweater is ridiculously cool and comfortable and I've been completely in awe of its glory since the day I saw it.

I'm off school for the next two weeks because of the Olympics and it's becoming slightly irritating because I now have a higher chance of accidentally seeing or hearing about the stupid spectacle. I'm not unpatriotic, I just think the Vancouver Olympics is completely overrated and sensationalized. Plus I'm not going to look forward to paying it back for the rest of my life. Moreover, I'm really not pleased with the fact that hey decided to artificially create snow and transport them truck by truck up the mountains due to a lack of snow and mild weather. In all honesty, I just wish that it wasn't held here in Vancouver, where snow is scarce and cost of living is high.


Mimi said...


god, what a waste of money.

i'm not against the Olympics. But right now, there are other things to do with that kind of money.

Go Canada GO...

Mimi said...

thank you for visiting btw! haha got too caught up in my sudden rage >.>

jk. i don't have rage, not me.

i love your sweater (: you have really awesome knitwear.