Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do You Realize

This has been the most temperate mid-winter weather I've ever experienced here in Vancouver. I guess global warming was not a swindle after all, *sarcastic gasp*. I wonder if people see cruel irony behind this whole "artificial-winter" fiasco. I mean, just think about how much industrial heat they are generating by running commercial freezers since for snow storage and trucking snow from other mountains day after day in order to host the sporting events. I guess I am a little too hard on the Vancouver Olympics. After all, we are making lots of money from this right...right?!

That was the last of my rant about the Olympics, I'm sorry if I offended anyone who's a fan of the event. Here's some outfits for your viewing, you can regard them as tokens for an apology if you'd like.
This dress is totally grunge and comfortable! I still can't believe I'm wearing a dress without a jacket in the middle of February.

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