Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cut Your Hair

I welcome the spring with a new hair cut, or should I say shaved bald patch?!

Side view
Front-ish, "rat-face" view.
I feel like this outfit pales in comparison with the haircut, "edgy-wise". However, it was kind of rebellious of me that I had nothing to do with green on St.Patrick's day.


Isabel said...

WHOAH! This is amazing, girl! Really adventurous, you make me want to try it out.

S said...

Oh I had one of those once! I used to make a plait and tuck it behind my hair. Never been called a punk so much in one day. I somehow to this day have still managed to hide it from my parents.
Also I see that you live in Vancouver. I'm there in June perhaps you can enlighten me as to where to go/what to do?

CC said...

Fab hairdo! :)

Mimi said...


haircuts are great, non?

i think the contrast between the "innocent"/tomboyish look of your outfit to the edgy, rocker haircut is really nice. your outfit ROCKS. think of how many outfits will ROCK now that you have this awesome haircut. you could wear a paperbag and convince someone that it's eco-edgy-chic.

i'm a little jealous.

ps. from Louise Brooks(?) bob to Alice Dellal shaved head. You never know what's going to happen next on your blog haha. Love you!

Amy T said...

wow cool hair cut
i'd love to do something dramatic to mine, but im too scared lol
i love your outfit posts too :)

pixelhazard said...

pressure from your haircut to be edgy is somewhat parodoxical isn't it? It made me smile. Hair looks awesome. I could never do that. My parents and boyfriend would band together formulate a plan and I don't want to even thing about it. My friends haircut is like yours though and I'm quite enamoured by it

SS said...

Oh hey that S comment was actually me. I was wondering why you hadn't replied and then saw it was on my other account. That passwordhammers blog was one me&my friends set up about Ben 'cos he is full of enlightenments as I'm sure you read. Anyway my Vancouver trip.. Is a America/Canada trip. Going to California for my cousin's wedding and thought I might as well do a proper job of it.