Friday, March 12, 2010

The Wanting Comes in Waves

It's hard to know what you want sometimes. The same goes with dressing yourself. However, today is not one of those day where everything just looks wrong on me. That is because my entire outfit was inspired by this awesome T-shirt I've recently purchased on Ebay. Nothing says "grunge" like a Nirvana shirt, especially one that looks as tacky and used-up like this one.

It looks somewhat like a burlap sack on me because it's 2XL. But I made it work by cutting off the sleeves and cropping it. Wouldn't hurt either if you put something over it to contain its baggy madness, like this:

This is gotta be one of my favorite outfits. Plus it was so easy to put everything together, as soon as I saw the shirt, the rest of the ensemble just kind of fell into place without any real effort. I wish looking awesome everyday was as easy as this.


Mimi said...

cool outfit. cutout leggings & burlap-sack Nirvana shirt look ferosh. :D

Isabel said...

GRUNGE FTW! Amazing find on the shirt, I've never managed to find anything that great on eBay!

{ I V Y } said...

wow, the leggings and tee and rad!

c r u e l l a said...

hi ^^ i love u hairr..
u so' cute!!

c r u e l l a said...

btw , i follow u blog !