Monday, March 29, 2010

"we had a very large reap"

I visited the local thrift store last Thursday and the it was perhaps one of the most successful shopping trips I've ever had. Not only did I manage to find all the things I've been pining for I also bought a few rare vintage tops that I wasn't expecting to find at a suburban second hand store.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

This horse shirt used to be twice as long. I cut the bottom of it off and hand stitched it to make it into a cropped tee.

It's kind of hard to tell, but this vintage pullover features the face of an ever so beloved Monchichi. I've never seen the cartoons (if I did, I don't remember), but I always find the Monchichis to be extremely ugly and cute, kind of like a pug.

Floral shorts!!! What more can I say?

This military jacket is the first piece out of my "treasures piles" to make a debut as a part of an outfit. It is actually a legitimate combat jacket with pockets that can hold up to 20 rounds of rifle magazines (so claims the label inside the jacket). I feel utterly invincible in it!


Isabel said...

What an awesome haul, you lucky girl!! I love the floral shorts and that jacket is just like Lindsey Weir from Freaks ad Geeks.

Mimi said...

I always love looking at other ppl's vintage finds. Mostly b/c I never find anything good D: There are only like 2 thrift stores in Langley, where I live, and they're both small and cluttered. There's also a value village here, but it's downtown, it's abit far.

Floral shorts?!!!11 Yummy.

That military jacket could come in handy one day (;

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Amy T said...

i love the crop tshirt!
and i love those vintage animal motifs

Trop Rouge said...

aww thats so cool! cool vintage finds