Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm taking a break from composing the slides for my power point presentation tomorrow on women and federal politics to show you what I wore to the Spike n Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival.This is my favorite American Apparel shirt. So comfortable and wickedly racy-lacy.

I just had to add a few "grunge" essentials to the outfit.


Isabel said...

Sweeet, I totally have the same sweater!

Mimi said...

"racy-lacy" LOOVE HAHA :D

I love American Apparal, they have really comfy, cool clothing, but I don't own any tops or sweaters from there because they're generally a little too expensive for my measly budget = =

Sometimes I feel out of place in the store, cuz you know, I'm this short asian chick wearing nothing too hipster. :S

Andrea said...

sounds like fun, how was the spike & mike anim festival? take care! xo