Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When Zombies Attack

Unlike others, I truly believe that If the world was over-taken by zombies, I'd be one of the first to die. You know, like the ones you see in zombie movies who only made a guest appearance, for like, two minuets in the beginning of the movie then suffers from the most brutal maul by a hoard of zombies. Yeah, that's going to be me.

Putting yourself in zombie scenarios are useful sometimes for assessing your level of common sense and the ability to make split-second decisions. One of the most popular hypothetical situations I often contemplate is whether I'd be able to kill someone I love who's been infected. If you ask people that, most of them will probably say "yes" (I know I would), but again these people have probably watched a lot of zombie movies and get super frustrated when some teary-eyed character is reluctant to shoot his zombie brother in the face, consequently dooming himself and the rest of his surviving party members. In this tough dilemma, people often base their judgement on the most utilitarian option (bash in your zombie mother's skull and save yourself and the rest), but what most people don't really take into consideration is that to truly be utilitarian, one oftentimes need to be ruthless. The problem is, people don't want to be cruel, especially not to someone they care(d) about.  I mean, think about it. Would you really, really be able to kill your best friend, in the midst of a zombie frenzy (not to mention, you probably already witnessed a great deal of brutality by this point)? After surviving for so long, having overcome so much, wouldn't you want to fully commit to whatever shred of hope you have left in you that maybe, just maybe the love of your life won't come back from the dead and tear you into pieces? And it's precisely that hope that tears us apart. Reduces us into a rubble of emotional, nonthinking, anti-heros. That's probably what I will be, and for that reason alone, I think it's be best I'm not on your team if you think you're going to salvage whatever little is left of mankind during the zombie apocalypse. 

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mimi said...

You know in some movies where the main character's lover gets turned into a zombie/werewolf/other deadly creature, and there's that pivotal moment where she's trapped and the deadly creature's about to get her when she shouts out his former name and he hesitates just slightly? Then there's a big dramatic pause giving hope to the viewers that perhaps everything will be okay... before he pounces to devour her brains/flesh/whatever?

Well if someone I love gets turned into a zombie and he/she is about to attack me, I'm going to rely on that moment of truth... And pray that inside him/her is a shred of humanity left. I also don't know how to utilise any form of weaponry, and I'm weaker than a fifth grader, so basically I'm screwed if the zombie-apocalypse starts tomorrow.

Woah Delta's pretty close to Langley :O That's crazy hahah.

I actually don't commute! I lived in res for first year (Totem woot), and now am moving to Kerrisdale to room with a girl I met in elementary -_-

I feel honoured to be your Chinese friend... but you really should expand your Asian social circle hahah. I would've thought you'd have met some cool Asians at UBC at least! (University of Billion Chinese.)

I've only been to Mahoney's once with some older friends during first year and I complained to like 2 ppl about the service 'cause it was a game night and it took 45 mins for our appy to come. LOL. Anyway we should definitely meet up! WHY DIDN'T WE DO THIS EARLIER??? :P

Are you living close to UBC right now?