Sunday, July 22, 2012

SLC Punk!

One of the best independent movies ever. Underrated, witty and informative. 


mimi said...

OMFG IT'S SHAGGY AND YOUNG JASON SEGEL???!!! I'm totally watching it.

Heyyy my friend lives down there! She moved from Langley to there 'cause of her parents' jobs. It's super nice in New West (: Did you go to the free festival they had? Uptown Live? It was a while ago like 2 months or smthing.

New Westminster reminds me of White Rock mixed with a little Commercial-Broadway. But I don't stay there long enough to rly enjoy the place. I usually just go there to hang with my friend, or do some thrifting, or use the washroom in Subway late at night LOL. Is like rent there okay? How much are you paying for ur place right now?

Ur tattoo is awesome. Can we go get tattoos together? Srs.

Danielage said...


Low Couture said...

I love the overalls and the way ur hair is growing out. The composition of ur photos is really great, however you do it with lighting/camera.

I remember watching that movie in high school. But i was SO drunk. i remember he goes to harvard or something at the end?

x Peter @

Angie Bitchface said...

"Homosapien. A man. He is alone in the universe. A punker. Still a man. He is alone in the universe, but he connects. How? They hit each other. Ooh! No clearer way to evaluate whether or not you're alive. Now, complications. A reason to fight. Somebody different. Difference creates dispute. Dispute is a reason to fight. To fight is a reason to feel pain. Life is pain. So to fight with reason is to be alive with reason. Final analysis: To fight, a reason to live."

just remembered how much I love this movie. also am I the only person who thought Matthew Lillard's character was HOT??