Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

As much as I enjoy indie, quirky, romantic-comedies (ie. Garden State), I really resent the female stock character which the industry refer to as the "manic pixie dream girl".

Drawing from the definition, the MPDG is often used in movies as the human catalyst for the growth and the development of the male protagonist's sense of identity. She helps the main character (often a tortured, anxiety-ridden male) overcome his immaturity and eventually inspires him to fully embrace all experiences and relish in all aspects of life.

Yes, MPDG are the proverbial "the one who changed my life" girls. I believe,  they are also products of androcentrism. This means the portrayal of these type of characters indirectly undermines the complexity and the individuality of every woman. Fuck man! Not every quirky, bubbly and eccentric girl is just waiting to instil epiphanies and new found experiences in self-deprecating boys. I promise you LSD can achieve that same effect. Much less emotional entanglement as well which is probably useful, considering it can help prevent a full depression relapse when you finally do reach self-actualization and realize that you are a nothing without your MPDG. Oh yeah, and that you're also kind of a chauvinist. 

I'm wearing eyeliner!!! WHOAZ!


ramon said...

would you mind if I shared this on facebook? I know some people that could relate :p

mimi said...

Your eyeliner skills make me jealous.

Aw Xu, I'm glad you exposed a bit of yourself on my blog! I always enjoy reading your comments and your blog posts because you're so insightful and sincere. Does your family live in Canada or are your parents in China still?

I was born in Nanjing but my dad's from somewhere in Hubei and my mom's from somewhere in Sichuan. My parents and I immigrated here in May 2000 when I was 6. My grandparents immigrated here about a year later, and then my sister was born in April 2001.

My mom's parents tried living with us when I was in Grade 6 - 7 but they hated the suburbs and couldn't adapt so they high-tailed it outta here back to China.

Don't be ashamed that you're not completely submersed in Chinese culture. Above all else, you are a human being and a girl raised by more than one culture. The great thing about Canada (and any democratic country) is that the subcultures are plenty and always evolving. You see all those Asian hipsters nowadays? Totally wasn't the case a decade ago. Asians used to just play the geek, but now people realize we're cool hahah (;

I've always thought the MPDG was a demeaning role to be placed in, and it also puts a lot more pressure on girls. I'm sure there are a few girls in reality that do fit this "character" but even then, there's much more variety and personality to them than just "quirky".

And for girls who are trying to determine their own identities, why should our existence be determined by someone else's?

Anyway I love your shoes in this outfit! And of course your hair (:


Malin Aldhagen said...

Awesome blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :) xx

/Malin @

Angie Bitchface said...

nice nose ring!! and metal vest :D and angry eyeliner with the kind of perfectly neat cat-eye that I can never ever accomplish.

I actually secretly aspire to be the Manic Pixie Dream Girl sometimes. even though I know it's like some dumb male fantasy, I think it's a natural consequence of me being "quirky" and "weird" (not of my own volition) and also having this complex where I really want to help everyone better themselves all the time.

also my ex described me as a "Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl." oops.