Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tie Dye Madness

I apologize for the lack of postings lately. You see, I've been busy with band business. I've been in the studio this past couple of days, pulling 8 hour recordings and have never gotten so sick of playing the same shit over and over again. The end results however, is well worth it. Stay tuned for our first three-song EP. It should be done fairly soon.

After our successful show last Saturday, I got to thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, if all this music stuff work out eventually, I can actually see myself living out the rest of my live as a musician. I'm sure this isn't something too difficult to imagine as we all dream about becoming "rock stars". What I mean here really is that I truly love creating music and wouldn't mind doing it even if I was paid peanuts.  Maybe I won't be saying that when I'm dirt broke on tour and have to sleep in a van for a months straight and live on a bag of chips, shared among three people. All these things are possibilities, I think I'm just excited that I'm more involved with playing music than I've ever been and I'm happy.


mimi said...

YOU are the sweetest person ever. (I feel like we're gonna do that thing where we go back & forth saying "No, YOU are" "No, YOU" but I absolutely mean it.)

Dude you're so skilled with the tie-dye. MAN they're amazing. You can sell some of these to pay for the extra bags of chips since I'm sure the other 2 people would want some too.

Dude I'm so happy for you. I'm glad at least someone I know (kinda) has got their dreams & life & opportunities figured out. Everyone else I know is just floating along until they find something they can stick with for a couple months. Plus ya know, they're all in school still.

I'm trying to teach myself guitar! I'll never be as good as you but I'm gonna try anyway cuz my life is boring.

Yes please have another show!!!

Oh gosh don't get your hopes up too much. I'm completely clumsy & absentminded in person. I'm always thinking of something while in conversation with someone so that my brain & my mouth have this disconnect. I laugh too much. I'm also too sarcastic.

Isabel said...

This tie-dye is SERIOUSLY awesome. <3

Anonymous said...

Fucking YES! Loving the grungy place you are bringing this tie-dye to.

Glad you are happy.