Thursday, October 18, 2012

"A Horde of Sluts and Ragamuffins Surges Forth"

I made dinner. Now my apartment is coated in the smell of Chinese food. It may be a good thing for some who loves Chinese food (ie. Jeremy). Not so good when I wake up in the middle of the night gagging on the smell of fried oyster mushrooms.

Something I realized about food and cooking: I love the first and am very good at the latter (seriously, I one time cooked a pot roast, "taste-blindedly"; as in I'm vegetarian and wouldn't taste the dish I created but still cooked it to perfection. Or so I was told). After this recent discovery, I can add cooking to my hobbies repertoire.  

Something completely off topic but will serve to relate to whole cooking thing is that I want to get an iphone or some sort of devise through which I can access Instagram. That way I can document every creative thing I do all the time, such as the food that I make.

I wore a fur jacket and got overheated right away so a nice light blazer is what I settled on. 


Bethany said...

Too bad you had to take the coat off, it's super awesome!

Maria said...

ah! i need to learn how to cook. i love food as well and you should definitely take pictures of your creations (instagram be damned) and post them here so i can daydream about how one day i will be able to make something as well XD. in other news: that fur jacket is really really solid. it's great with your style :)