Monday, October 15, 2012

Adult Lessons

I get called a "hipster" way too much. Most of time by "non-hipsters". I've been called a hipster so much that I've not only started to identify myself as one but have began to make excuses for buying ridiculous outfits.

For example, I bought these white jeans on Urban Outfitters and wore it to work the other day. I got to work and realized just how impractical and flashy white jeans are. Plus, WHO THE FUCK STILL WEARS WHITE JEANS?! 

Apparently someone who thinks she's too awesome and cool and dyes her hair two colours does. This is what I am now. I have reached a point in my mid 20's where I've actually learned to truly appreciate what it feels like to just do things. You know, really do them right. "Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if my hair was differently coloured?" "OH MAN, TOTALLY, I'M GOING TO FUCKING DO IT" or "I was always told that white pants were a big fashion faux pas." "WELL, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK BECAUSE I HAVE JEANS IN EVERY SHADE BUT WHITE."

This is the lesson learned as an adult: the things I do matter to me because they make me a more actualized individual.


Sunny Mimi Chen said...

ur hair looks so luscioussss

like koolaid colours



but the thing is... after graduating from high school, there wasn't any momentum to my i-don't-give-a-fuck sprout. i just decided to do 3 things: dye my hair a weird colour, get nose pierced, and get tattoo. it wasn't rly like a state of "eureka! i shuld do these things cuz who cares what other ppl think?!?!?" but more like "omg i can do whatever the hell i want now HAHAHAHAH"

and now that i'm 19, i feel even more like "OMG I CAN DO THIS LEGALLY NOW" or like "OMG I'M 19 AND I TOTALLY DESERVE A 2ND TATTOO"

i think i'm more selfish that way. like all of this rly isn't to build up to who i am, but rather it's showcasing materialism at its finest -_-;;

Michelle said...

When people call you a hipster they essentially describing you as hip! And multi tonal hair is awesome.

These are the facts of life and we should all embrace it ;-)

Bethany said...

Hi! I just found your blog. I love your hair! I want to dye mine pretty colors, but I feel like my hair gets damaged really easy :/

Check out my blog? ^_^