Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Off the Grid

Some of you may have noticed that my blog had gone missing for a few weeks. You see, I realized there's a typo in my domain name (hapeningsinss is missing a "p") and corrected it without considering the catastrophic chain reaction of voiding every single hyperlink which lead to this humble little blog. 

For the month I was off the grid, I do apologize. I hope I didn't do any irreparable damage to some of the other blogger's credibility - promoting a blog to readers that doesn't seem to exist.

Well, now I've reverted back to hosting a blog with a misspelled domain named it comforts me in a way that perhaps I can start owning my other mistakes. For example: Not appreciating King Crimson up until now.

You can be sober or super high on your drug of choice for this. I promise you, this will make all the hipster shit you've been listening to sound like eating watery lettuce with warm vinaigrette.

1 comment:

vliin said...

Well, that was another great catch-up! Started reading where I left off the last time, it's been a couple of months! But now I know why. You weren't yet in my Bloglovin' (oMG!). It's a delayed reaction, but I really appreciated your long comment a while ago. It's funny, I see job-wise we are struggling with the exact same issue at the moment, only you've been brave enough to hold on to the idea of quitting, you did it! I did not... yet... need the peace of the structure a while longer (that sounds sad). Anyways, your blog is always a fine place to get a good old shot of honesty and convince myself to just write whatever I want. I really enjoy reading you!