Monday, March 11, 2013

T.U.K.-ing On My Heart Strings

This is amazing-sauce! Our humble little band Scrambled Debutante got our first review in the Georgia Straight!  Which means we are now a legitimate band because people have now judged and wrote about those judgements for the public eye in hopes to sway their opinion!!! Now I know what it feels like to be totally fucking famous! Raawwrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Second tidbit of excitement: I was interview on CJSF last Friday for their International Women's Day special to talk about what it feels like to a feminist and a female musician in Vancouver. I talked intensely for half an hour and have never been so proud to be speaking about things that are extremely personal to me.

It seems like things are on the upswing for me and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

Back to business of being serious though. I'm still struggling with creating a workable angle for the new blog. While I want to start a new blog less fashion-focused, I still want my own personal aesthetics to be a part of it. Also, I was told that this blog isn't really about fashion so maybe I'm already achieving what my supposed new blog is going to be all about?

Regardless. I will keep you all informed about any future developments. Now, I'm going to go bask in the temporary glory of how frighteningly much people seem to like me.


Malena said...

I have the same pants!! Even though it seems like you're not going to be posting much about fashion anymore, I'm glad I found your blog because I really like your style! Plus finding a feminist blog is always a good thing

vliin said...

Hey there! Congratulations on the reviews and the interviews, I'm so proud of you :-) in the meantime I have listened to your songs and they're quite catchy (dunno if I've already written you a comment on them). I was surprised to read that you are going to start a new blog, but I recognise your struggle, I've been asking myself the same things for a long time, how to incorporate all interests into one and the same blog. But then I thought, if I'm only writing and posting pictures for a handful of people who enjoy the complete package, then that's perfectly OK. They may be only a small audience, but they like what you do all the more. Anyways, I've always really appreciated the combination of things you've been offering here, writing, pictures, videos, ... but if you feel like a new start, then you should totally go for it and I'll still be there as a loyal reader and supporter! Keep us posted!