Friday, January 25, 2013

Bachelor of Arts

I have a degree in Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology. It has been two years since I graduated and so I still don't have a job which requires me to flex my B.A. prowess. Perhaps I have more deductive reasoning skills and know more about different parts of the brain than some people but as far as practicality goes, I've only been able to use those powers for the good of enlightening conversations and win pointless debates on esoteric subjects that only a psych major would know or care.

What am I planning on doing then, you ask? Well, I think the answer to that is obviously more schooling. Yep, I'm currently in the process of applying for a masters program in Art Therapy and so far it's been quite a challenge. Not to mention I will be even deeper in debt with student loan which I have no idea whether or not I'd be able to pay off. Regardless, I'm just glad I still believe that education is the only way to a productive and fruitful life.

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Blythe said...

Good luck! I'm currently working for a B.A. in Psychology too and I often feel the way you do about my major.