Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pride and Joy

I forget, it is still cool to pose with your cat?

What about wearing purple socks and mom jeans, with leggings underneath them for warmth?

I think they are "cool" because one, the "hipster" culture dictates them to be so.  Let's face it, anything "cool" is completely constructed by the society, hipster or mainstream. In the world of hipsters, dorky, ugly outfits are completely "off the hook" on the "rad-meter". So why do I care about what hipsters say about my outfits? Other than the fact that it's kind of nice to be considered "cool" (especially when I was never thought as that growing up) but dressing ironically is probably the most cost effective way to catch people's attention with your outfits. Not to mention the kind of gems you stumble upon while thrift shopping. The point is, it's never necessary to be bothered by what others say about your outfits but it's also silly to pretend that you're not interested in people's compliments. All I've been hearing from "hipster" fashion people are how much they don't care about what other people think but the truth is, some of them do, a great deal in fact. So yeah, dress as ironic as you want, people are going to talk about how much of a fucking hipster you are but don't act like you're not flattered when hearing about how much people are jealous of your one of a kind, vintage, neon, teapot sweater dress.

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cuteNroll said...

you look really cute!